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You know firsthand how intimidating and grueling it can be to navigate the technology or healthcare industries. And having gone through it before, you're now in a position to lend a helping hand to another in need. Welcome! The ELM program can help you make a difference as you mentor an aspiring professional and help Portland companies better reflect the diversity of our community.


A non-traditional workforce

A wide range of ages

May not have a college degree and are working on certifications

May not have a strong work history

May be balancing multiple commitments,
including family and jobs

And diverse peoples

People of color

Women (in tech, specifically)

Low-income people

Immigrants and refugees

English language learners


People with disabilities


WHY become
a Mentor?

To serve as a role model to aspiring professionals in the technology or healthcare industries

To influence the career growth of diverse job seekers with barriers to employment

To impact the diversity of the workforce in our community


The Ideal Mentor Candidate

  • Has a desire to impact the diversity of the local workforce

  • Is able to commit to monthly meetings with a mentee over a 6 to 12-month period

  • Is comfortable building trusting relationships with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Can relate to and empathize with challenges mentees might face within their industry

Has at least one year of professional work experience in one of
the following technology or healthcare positions:

Software Developer/Engineer, Software/IT Leadership and/or Product Support, IT Infrastructure, Database Admin, Front-End Developer, UI/UX Design, Cybersecurity

Nursing, Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Office/Admin, Operating Room Tech, Pharmacy Tech, Dental, Respiratory Therapy, Addiction Counseling


LENGTH: Most mentoring relationships last 6-12 months
TIME COMMITMENT: 1–2 hours per month
TRAINING: Mentors and mentees receive training before the mentoring relationship begins
COST: No cost to participants (this program is sponsored by Worksystems and Portland Leadership Foundation)


Next Steps for Mentors



Submit an application

Schedule a phone call to discuss next steps

Complete a background check

Attend training

Get matched with a mentee

Schedule your first meeting:
- Get to know your mentee
- Share a little about yourself
- Review the Career Mentoring Code of Conduct together
- Create a communication and meeting plan

Meet once a month for 6–12 months

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